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It seems that at some point in an urban blogger's career they must list the essential acronyms that plague the development process. Most have become overused and as such have lost their required impact of derision and ridicule. And yet others have been sown onto flags and banners and waved at public hearings.

Now I enjoy a good acronym as much as the next person. With texting, we get all sorts with OMG, LOL, BYW, WTF and so many others it would take a SNERT to know them all (see below).

So here are most of the current faves, though some are a bit old. If you have others, please comment.

BANANA - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone/Anything, this is the omnibus phrase that takes everything in.

CAVE People - Citizens Against Virtually Everything, this of course has a double meaning as in against and where many live.

LULU - Locally Unwanted Land Use, things like massage parlors, marijuana dispensaries, cigarette stores, porn shops, fast food drive throughs (In-and-Out Burger comes to mind).

The Anti-Development Nots:
NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard, this is the oldest acronym and has become the primary phrase used to depict those against any project.

NIMFYE - Not In My Front Yard Either, obvious expansion of NIMBY, though a stretch I think.

NIABY - Not In Anyone's Backyard, this is the all inclusion form of the above.

NIMEY - Not In My Election Year, the current fall back within communities with tough choices, tells all about the political process.

NACTAE - Not A Chance Till After Elections, see above.

NITL - Not In This Lifetime, I have worked on projects like these.

NOPE - Not On Planet Earth, as we move off planet I am sure this will morph into NOTM (Not On The Moon/Mars).

NOTE - Not Over There Either, cute but why not over there, or there, or even there!

PIGINIMBY – Phew I'm Glad It's Not In My Backyard, whatever.

IKWIWWISI - I'll Know What I Want When I See It, this is the normal planning and approval process as done in California – this process continues until either the developer pulls the proposal, goes bankrupt, or dies. (I have had clients fall into all these categories).

BANY's - Builders Against NIMBYs, also includes chambers of commerce and other pro-growth groups, often these have little real standing in the process and the club meetings are secret.

CEQA - Consultants Employment Quantity Act (was California Environmental Quality Act), this is a new one to me and has been a significant profit center over the years – doing work that does absolutely nothing to move the project forward except to give political cover.

DUDE - Developer Under Delusions of Entitlement, every client I know has fallen into this category at some point in the process. They learn quickly or die.

SIMBY - Start In My Backyard, this is a group that is usually formed at the developer's request. This includes unions (jobs), schools (jobs), and often politicians who want a pet project in their district.

YIMBY - Yes in My Backyard, variant of SIMBY.

WIIFM - What's In It For Me? The logical extension of the last two.

WYGIWYD - What You Get Is What You Deserve, this often is the result of the planning process when every part of the project that gives it life and soul is extinguished. Color this beige.

IAMS - It's About Me Stupid, this can apply to all participants in the process.

Citizens Involved In The Process:
DINKY – Duel Income, No kids, Yet. The apartment demographic follows these people closely.

MUPPIE - Middle-aged Urban Professional. They were previously a Yuppie – yes, we all are getting older.

GLAM - Greying, Leisured, Affluent, Married – is the GLAMMIE the obvious evolution of the MUPPIE?

NINJA – No Income, No Job, or Assets. Often found living in parent's basements – never seen at planning meetings.

RUB - Rich Urban Biker, often seen in spandex and silly helmets at planning meetings for streets and developments, scary bunch, want everything to be paid for by others.

SINBAD - Single Income No Boyfriend and Desperate, major leader of many movements within the community, cats hair often present on the sweater.

SNERT - Snot-nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager, only shows when there is a skateboard park being planned (or marijuana dispensary as well).

SITCOM - Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage, the result of our government and banks attempts at making housing more available and affordable, these were DINKs three years earlier.

WOOF - Well Off Older Folk (or other similar sounding term), the sweet spot for travel agencies, nice restaurants and luxury car dealers.

WOOP - Well Off Older Person, variant of the above.

Check this SITE out for more.

Stay Tuned . . . . . . . . . .

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