Friday, September 9, 2011

Imagine a Pyramid

Imagine a pyramid. Imagine it upside down. Imagine that the point of that pyramid is one job, one new employee at a loan company whose job is to help fill out a loan application for a new house for a family. Imagine then the successive jobs that grow from that one application.
  • The broker who sold the lot to the new owners.
  • The architect who designed the house for the owner.
  • The contractor’s team who bid the house plans.
  • The city staff paid to review and approve the architect’s plans.
  • The sub-contractor paid to grade, level, and prepare the site.
  • The civil engineer and surveyors hired to layout the foundation.
  • The city inspector.
  • The plumber that won the contract to install the water and sewer hookups.
  • The sub-contractor hired to set the forms and pour the foundation.
  • The lumber company that wins the contract to supply the building materials.
  • The framing sub-contractor that put up the walls and roof.
  • The door and window contractor who won the contract.
  • The sub-contractor who hung the doors and set the windows.
  • The electrical contractor hired to pull the wire through the rough framing.
  • The plumber who returns to install the water and sewer lines in the house.
  • The interior designer working with the new owners on colors and finishes.
  • The orders sent to small and large firms that hire new people to make the wallpaper, the carpets, the appliances, the light fixtures.
  • The sub-contractor that wins the bid to hang the drywall.
  • The roofer contracted to put on the new roof.
  • The new jobs required at the manufacturing plant that makes roofing felt.
  • The supplier that made the new tiles for the roof.
  • The solar company that won the bid to put solar panels on the roof of the new house.
  • The flooring company that laid the new oak flooring throughout the house.
  • The small company in Michigan that cut the red oak and created the boards for the oak flooring.
  • The painters needed to paint the house interior.
  • The painters needed to paint the exterior.
  • The tile contractor that finished out the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • The companies that made all the plumbing fixtures, the sinks, the shower doors, the bathroom sinks.
  • The appliance companies that manufactured the stove, refrigerator, garbage disposal, dish washer, vacuum system, and air conditioning/heating systems.
  • The granite company that won the bid to provide the counter tops throughout the house.
  • The plumbing fixture company that provided all the faucets and toilets.
  • The electrician that hung all the lights, sconces, and chandeliers.
  • The small business owner that hung the wallpaper in the hallway and bathrooms.
  • The furniture companies that made the new couch, chairs, dining room table, and bedroom set.
  • The electronics companies that made the security system, the entertainment system, and the sound system.
  • The landscape architect employed to design the pool and garden for the new owners.
  • The landscaping company that installed the garden and pool.
  • The moving company hired to move the family from their older home into their dream home.
Now imagine the people needed to supply the food for their first dinner in their new home.

Imagine a pyramid, imagine its point. Imagine the jobs balanced on that one point, Mr. President.

Imagine the 750,000 homes not built last year.

Stay tuned . . .

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