Saturday, July 12, 2014

Traffic To Die For

When I listen to the latest on traffic in the Bay Area and San Francisco (Galaxy Base for Cogito Urbanus) you would think we were in a free fire zone of automotive chaos and collisions. Here are a few videos that make you wish for those future days of robot cars.

The above is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (I bet some of you thought is was Columbus Circle in New York City). Makes you kind of dream about stoplights and left turn arrows. What is most fascinating are the pedestrians dancing in and amongst the cars. I hate to think of the number of accidents, though libertarians might think this all normal which proves that we don’t need the heavy hand of government over-management.

Note the seven lanes demarcated in the upper left lanes (Traffic Engineers of Africa) with appropriate turn and directional arrows. Watch how they are stringently followed. And I also note the lack of bicycles, I guess they are not as useful in a third world country as I was led to believe.

Now Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is an entirely different matter. One difference is the dominant use of motorcycles and mini-bikes. The intersection also has a traffic signal, one I believe, that hangs over the center. As with Ethiopia, pedestrians must fend for themselves.

Mumbai, India looks like any intersection in New York (mostly taxis and pedestrians) or Columbus Street in San Francisco.

Driving in China – Linyi City style. Lanes? I don't need no stinking lanes.

Pedestrian crossing Japanese style. This near the Shibuya train station in Tokyo.

And you thought Los Angeles traffic was bad.

What more can you say when you mix vodka and traffic. This is near St. Petersburg, Russia.

And you can always bet on the Japanese to solve the problem – Nagoya, Japan

Stay Tuned . . . . . . . . .

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