Friday, March 1, 2013

Noodling February

Running to Keep Up

I was not the first and I won’t be the last to point this out (see last week), but there is pressure building on the new home front. Builders are now running behind, and it will be expensive and costly to catch up.

Rent? Okay but where?

What drives people to rent versus owning and why do they chose a house instead of an apartment, it’s due to income, children, and family size. And by the way it’s also the amenities.

Now for the Esoteric

In RCLCO’s latest Advisory, the subject of form-based codes is discussed, I have followed this alternative to Euclidian Zoning, or the type of zoning 90%+ of cities use (keep like uses together and don’t allow too much mixing). Form codes use a different relationship basis and can be down right confusing and costly – the administrator has to be a genius to figure it out, but they have their place, sometimes.

For Article:


And here are five TED features (videos and talks) that discuss housing and design, take a look, but I warn you there is silliness going on (masquerading as serious thought).

The First

James Howard Kunstler trashes suburbia in 2004, it’s like, you know, like a, diatribe, that goes and on and on, like you know, whining all the way. The man has proven that he’s just mad at everything. Nice gig if you can get it – and great speaking fees.

The Second

William McDonough in 2005, rambles on and on about design and the intentions of things designed. But there you are.

The Third

Cameron Sinclair in 2006, socially responsible architecture is discussed. It is a broad reach across many horizons and frontiers of design, very little whining. Very cool. It is a very big and complicated world out there.

The Fourth

Majora Carter in 2006, how get it done with a limited budget. New York is the focus on how to deal with cities and get back the city bits that can help people. Good speaker – no whining.

The Fifth

Thomas Heatherwick in 2011, on bio-inspired design and soulfulness of design. Cool architecture unlike the usual stuff we see. The bridge is uber-cool.

Stay Tuned . . . . . . . .

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