Friday, August 5, 2011

Urban Videos for a Quick Summer Vacation

A friend of mine, Aaron Renn, has an excellent blog (CLICK HERE) (in fact maybe the best on urban issues - especially Midwestern issues and the video he has posted this week is great, especially if you own a BMW) Aaron has periodically posted videos on the urban scene, especially Europe, but he is non-denominational and will post things about anything, anytime. So, for your viewing and listening pleasure, I have borrowed some of the videos he has featured over the last month, enjoy:

This one on London, my favorite city in the world (sorry Paris and Barcelona), is exceptional.
Can't see it CLICK HERE

Berlin - Great production and music for a really wonderful city (actually only 50 years old!) 
Can't see it CLICK HERE

Tokyo and all its movement and excitement
Can't see it CLICK HERE

Sorry I couldn't embed the image but the video is worth CLICKING

And my favorite American City - Chicago
Can't see it CLICK HERE

Hope you enjoyed the mini-vacation. If you have any other leads on great urban videos, send me their URLs, a lot of hard work goes into these and the world just has to see them.

Stay Tuned . . . . .

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