Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GI Town - New Edition

It has been ten years since my first edition of the book: America's Original GI Town, Park Forest, Illinois was published, and, after reacquiring the rights to the book from Johns Hopkins University Press, I am bringing it back. Bonnie and I have resurrected our publishing company - Windsor Hill Publishing - and will use this platform as the primary distributor of the book. (It will also handle two more books in the pipe-line that are fiction - more on those later).

New Cover, new epilogue, new marketing program - just plain new. It will retail for $24.95 (softcover paperback) and will also be available for all of you converts to ebooks from Amazon and other online publishers shortly thereafter. When? - soon - and definitely before September.

I am finishing the final edits and cover design (look left), rebuilding the book in Adobe InDesign (great tool), and will send it on to my printer, Catawba Publishing (in Charlotte) in the next few weeks. This fall will be marketing - online and in Chicago - look for posts and dates later - but I will keep you informed as things unfold. My goal is to sell 10,000 copies in both paper (pbooks - how annoying the new term) and ebooks. I will try to keep a running tally of the sales as this moves along.

But first, why the title for this blog Cogito Urbanus. Well simply translated it means: To Think Urban and this is where I want this musing to go. An opportunity to keep you, the patient reader, up to date on GI Town doings as well as reflect on my almost 40 years of landscape architecture and urban design experience. I am not sure where this will lead but after serious debates about blogs or web pages - Bonnie (wife and CFO) won out (for now). So let's just see where is goes.

I look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to pass on the blog to others - contributions welcome.

Let's build something,
Greg Randall

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