Thursday, November 1, 2012

Noodling October – A Week Late

Way too much going on, Giants in the World Series and the parade, the sad disaster of the New York and New Jersey region we had just visited less than two weeks ago, the election (and all that is holds for the future), and a new book of mine on the cusp of release. As I said, way, way, too much.

But in the tradition of the last year I do have a few Noodlings to throw out, so let’s see what we can catch.

California’s High-Speed Rail:
Tuesday’s California election will be just not a referendum on the state’s economic future but the probable future of the ill-advised high-speed rail system. While all the polls show slacking, if not lack luster support, for the tax increase measures on the ballot for the “schools,” the citizens seem to know better. More money means more spending, and eventually we will do it again. Californians may now just say stop. This may be the only way to force a smaller government, one that supports growth and expansion of the private sector - not the government. We will see. But one casualty, I believe, will be the high-speed rail system – its scope will be severely reduced. Another Opinion

Home Prices Increase
In the pre-Sandy world, home prices rose in more than 20 cities across the country. In the post-Sandy residential environment, it remains to be seen what the total impact may be. Obviously the region directly impacted and damaged was relatively small, but may have left a rippling effect. Such are things in the New York region; when Wall Street coughs, everyone’s temperature rises. But here are a couple of articles that point out the various regions and potential impacts:

Jimmy Buffett Reflects Our Own Changes
Senior Living
If there is one demographic that will continue expanding with new members it is the over 65 crowd, everyday thousands join the party. Decisions then need to be made: retirement, housing, grandchildren issues, health issues, and even travel. It’s the days of wine and roses, hopefully, and that hip doesn’t give out. Seniors are still relocating (Check Here), and they are trying to find affordable housing (The "should have saved more," lament), (HERE).  
We are in for a massive adjustment in housing over the next ten years, with seniors relocating their primary residence, with their demands for better medical treatment, and with their significant saving backing up their demands, some very interesting things will happen. Congregate care facilities will grow, assisted living facilities will expand, and continued growth in middle to high-end vacation areas. And Jimmy Buffet’s restaurants will expand under the banner of nostalgia (already seen in casinos near you), I can’t wait for the Rolling Stone’s Enhanced Mobility Tour.

Coming to an Area Near You!

Stay Tuned . . . . .

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