Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Short One Today

This week’s blog, fortunately and unfortunately, is short. I am off to the San Francisco Writer’s Conference today and time is too critical to do justice to the subject line I started last week, Detroit. The SF Writer’s Conference is an interesting amalgam of all types of writers, publishers, and editors. And, since it’s in San Francisco, an interesting white noise seems to cover the background of the conference – touchy-feely comes to mind. But there are a few hardcore mystery and thriller writers to keep it interesting.

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Just passing on a comment about Detroit that I may expand in the future. It is easy to stand two thousand miles away and lob suggestions and ideas at a very difficult problem: How to aid in slowing the death of a regal city? I will not live long enough to see Detroit return to glory. It took fifty years to sicken and recovery will not be any faster. But it can happen. A TV show that I have become quite fond of this year is Detroit 187, a cop show filmed in Detroit using all aspects of this city as a backdrop, and at times, integral parts of the stories. From the mean and hard streets, to the abandoned factories, to the downtown casinos and waterfront – the city is laid bare for all to see. And the stories are good as well – I recommend it before they pull the plug; there is a underlying story-line that defends the honor of the city. Besides I am a big fan of Michael Imperioli, especially since his stint on the brief but interesting Life on Mars, and there is this rumor going around that he was on another small hit show about singing gangsters, The Sopranos.

Michael Imperioli

Stay Tuned . . . .

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